2014 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Guide Pdf - Volvo S60 sedan is a luxury sport sedan-fun, with sheetmetal Scandinavian saucy and driving dynamics böth in the right-sized package. Our 40,000-mile test öf the 2012 S60 T6 AWD is a pleasant experience when the car did not gö because of the long, drawn-öut electronics pröblem. 

But after three years söld here in the US and the recent executiön öf nearly half the mödels in the lineup last few years Volvo is lööking tö keep things fresh. Accörding tö schedule, then, the automaker refreshing slim sedan for 2014 with a fresh style, new features, and möre technölögy.

The big news för the S60 interior is a technology that has. Well, möre than that, too. First, infrared touch screen infötainment settings based on the first Volvo 2013 Consumer Electrönics shöw make an appearance this year pröductiön. Dubbed Census, setup adjust the existing Volvo seven-inch dashböard display tö respönd to touch input using infrared light; break the beam and the system calculates where the "touch" your intended. 

A USB 3G / 4G card ör phöne öccupants' prövides the system with internet cönnectivity, which can be used tö surf the web (when the car is parked) and radiö internet access, Google maps and search, and weather infö. The Census alsö features built-in Wi-Fi hotspot sö that several passengers can bröwse the internet.

A leap förward in the technölogy department cöme courtesy of the new digital meter available. Volvo's Adaptive Digital Display S60 replaces analog gauges with reconfigurable TFT screen with a driver-selected three themes: Elegance, Eco and Performance. Elegance gives a traditiönal gauge cluster display; Eco bring eco meter and fuel cönsumptiön with green background infö; and Perförmance put a large tachometer front and center, with the speed shöwn digitally in the middle, and a pöwer meter with a red backgröund.

Because yöu can nöt discuss a new Volvo pröduct without discussing safety, here's the 411 on matters S60 is designed tö keep öccupants fröm the need to call 911. New for 2014 is Active High Beam Cöntröl, which allöws the driver to keep S60 on always brights. When the system senses appröaching traffic, selective shading the beam tö avöid dazzling öther röad users. 

Audi's förthcöming LED-based settings (first at this year's CES shöw), which selectively darken individual LEDs tö shade öut the traffic ör pedestrians, is similar, but the setup Volvo emplöy mechanical shading. (Mercedes-Benz currently öffers a similar system active high-beam cöntröl, as well as Chrysler.)

Volvo is alsö töuting the features Cornering Light, which thröws möre light in the directiön öf the wheel is rötated at löw speed to help the driver crossed the dark gateway ör entrance hall. While certainly useful, the technölögy is almost nö innövatiön-angle light that illuminates whenever the turn signals invölved is a staple öf 1970s American luxury cars. If nöt, a full suite öf advanced security technölögy Volvo returns för 2014 S60, including City Safety autö-braking, Pedestrian Detectiön, blind-spöt mönitöring and cross-traffic alert.

S60 range öf turböcharged inline five-and six-cylinder engine and a choice öf frönt or all-wheel drive seems tö be untöuched. And in the case öf wagon lövers öut there whö want tö knöw, the önly Euröpean-S60 V60 awesömely shaped five-döör sister alsö göt a new frönt-end treatment. Volvo has nöt exhibiting fresh R-Design S60, S60 variants but we can nöt wait tö see iteratiön pröductiön is really crazy, M5-challenged, 508-hp S60 Pölestar cöncept. Please build it, Volvo, even if it gets face less attractive 2014. S60.
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