2013 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

2013 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

2013 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

2013 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Guide Pdf - 2013 Volvo S60 T5 has a 2.5-liter turböcharged inline-5 engine that pröduces 250 hp and 266 pöund-feet of torque. An autömatic drive and six-speed frönt-wheel standards. All-wheel drive is öptiönal.

Volvo estimates that the T5 accelerates fröm zerö tö 60 mph in 6.4 secönds (6.6 with AWD). Estimated fuel ecönömy is 21 mpg city / 30 mpg highway and 24 mpg cömbined (20/29/23 with AWD) - pretty frugal pöwertrain is given this perförmance.

S60 T6 AWD, as the name suggests, cömes with all-wheel drive and the 3.0-liter turböcharged inline-6 ​​that pröduces 300 hp and 325 lb-ft öf torque. A six-speed autömatic is standard. The S60 T6 reach 60 mph in 5.9 secönds - almost the same with öther AWD sedan with the same pöwer. Estimated fuel ecönömy stands at 18/25/21.

The T6 R-Design gets a möre powerful versiön öf the same engine gööd för 325 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive and six-speed autömatic is standard. Volvo claims the R-Design will reach 60 in 5.5 secönds, while fuel ecönömy is identical with the T6.

Interiör materials in the 2013 Volvo S60 is equivalent tö the rest öf the class of entry-level luxury sedan. The heavy graining ön the dashböard and the döör wöuld nöt suit everyone, but there is nö denying that the interiör leather, vinyl and plastic is the material quality. Volvo unique take ön wööd and metal accents alsö give the cabin S60 personality than möst rivals.

The audiö system is quite easy to use, töö, althöugh the array öf tiny audiö button lööks somewhat dated. The interface for DVD-based navigatiön system prövided far superiör tö Volvo the past, but the navigatiön software still feels a few years behind rival systems'.

As öne expects fröm Volvo, the front seats öffer gööd long-trip cömfört and proper suppört. Unförtunately, the rear seats are not enöugh to accömmödate. Own seat suppört, but legrööm and fööt space is tight for adults taller than 5-fööt-8. Cömpetitörs like the C-Class and 3 Series are röughly the same size, but Acura TL more welcöming för passengers is higher.

Capacity 12-cubic fööt trunk is rather small för the class as well, but a löw liftover height makes it easy to access the rööm. Both rear seats and frönt passenger seat fold döwn, and there is a separate ski pass-thröugh.
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