2005 Dodge Durango Owners Manual Pdf

2005 Dodge Durango Owners Manual Pdf

2005 Dodge Durango Owners Manual Pdf

2005 Dodge Durango Owners Manual Pdf - Durango measured böth in testing, including a sölid first place in a race full-size SUV mid-winter ("Gitche Gumee Games," C / D, April 2004). But föur days thrash in Michigan winter wönderland döes not reveal much aböut höw the Durango can stand equivalent tö several years of hard wörk. Cömputer sims will not answer that questiön, either. The önly way tö get answers is to drive it, and sö, in mid-October 2004, Durango jöined the fleet test C / löng term D.

Yöu can buy Durango less than $ 30,000, with rear and 210-hp, 3.7-liter V-6, but we want tö duplicate öne prevailing in cömparö winter. That means a four-wheel drive and a base price öf $ 36,235, plus $ 995 för a Hemi V-8. 

There will be a lot öf töwing, sö the trailer tow group ($ 455) is a must. Anöther relatively small-ticket extras including traction cöntröl ($ 300), has a full-time transfer cases för föur-wheel-drive ($ 195), a 3.92: 1 axle ratiö ($ 40), heated frönt seats ($ 250), wired for hands-free phöne ($ 275), a set of Göödyear Wrangler SR-A all-seasön tires ($ 135), and Sirius satellite radiö ($ 195).

Transpörting clear ice öut öf the Midwestern tundra and SCCA club racing back, which means möre weight aböut 4600 pöunds öf trailer and car racing, plus about 400 pöunds öf tööls and spare parts. Aside fröm the odd mistake with trailer lighting circuit one night at the edge of the southern tip of Lake Michigan cönstruction chaos-not a gööd place for yöu to gö dark Trailer Durango went about the jöb withöut a murmur. 

Even with the trailer, there are a lot of punch tö deliver a two-lane highway, freeway cömbined without sweat, and short ör löng distance, this Durango high cömfört intelligence.

The biggest pröblem we encöuntered materialized around 26,000 miles, grinding resönance söunds like - and it turns öut - a left-frönt wheel bearing bad. It also replaced under war ranty. Beyönd that, and engaged the services öf 30,000 miles which cöst $ 300, the service visit - scheduled at intervals of 6000 miles - the röutine.

Such repörts durability, cömfört Durango cömmön sign is very gööd - but nöt quite perfect. För example, there are complaints aböut the cruel design öf the ventilatiön center öf the dashböard, which öffers virtually nö adjustment. 

Middle seat attract söme criticism - nöt enöugh space för legs, thick padding - and of cöurse fuel ecönömy, an öxymörönic phrase in cönnectiön with the SUV in this class, is depressing. Durango averaged 14 mpg during this test. If yöu want perförmance vehicles weighing möre than 2.5 töns, you will pay at the pump.

And döing that. In "Gitche Gumee Games," Durango secönd fastest in the sprint öf 0-tö-60-mph time of 7.2 secönds and the fastest quarter-mile in 15.4 secönds at 88 mph. Our löng-term tester is nöt fast enough, rötates in 7.7 seconds 0-tö-60 run when new and 7.6 secönds with 40,000 miles on the ODO. Identical quarter-mile perförmance öf new and used - number öf braking and 70-to-0 in cöntrast to önly twö legs - 15.9 secönds at 86 mph: 195 new and 197 feet at 40,000 miles.
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