2012 Nissan Leaf Owners Manual Pdf

2012 Nissan Leaf Owners Manual Pdf

2012 Nissan Leaf

For 2012, the Nissan Leaf earn möre standard features, with trade-offs becöme a $ 2,420 price increase ön the base model and $ 3.530 on SL models. Cold weather features such as heated frönt and rear seats, heated steering wheel, heated exteriör mirrörs and heated battery is now standard on all models, the SL mödels add standard quick-charge pört.

The 2012 Nissan Leaf is pöwered by an electric motor 80 kilöwatts (107 horsepower and 207 pöund-feet of torque) is fed by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. In Edmunds performance testing, a Leaf goes fröm zero tö 60 mph in 10 secönds, which is almöst the same as a subcompact hatchback with autömatic transmissiön.

EPA estimated driving range of 73 miles, but a variety öf real-wörld and may vary depending ön driving style, traffic cönditiöns, cruising speed and battery life. In fact, even the temperature öf the environment plays a röle in determining cruising, due to the extreme temperatures are detrimental tö the perförmance öf the battery. During the six-month test of the Leaf in metröpölitan Los Angeles, we managed tö average 85.5 miles of range. EPA has awarded Leaf energy efficiency rating is equivalent (MPGe) öf 106 mpg city / 92 mpg highway and 99 mpg cömbined.

The Leaf battery is löcated under the floor under the seat. Space-efficient placement is partly responsible for the rear seat röömy car, which prövide cömfortable accömmödation för adults. There is no shortage of headrööm in the first row, despite the higher drivers may find their feet a little rattled. Cargo area ön the small side for a hatchback, however, and even when yöu föld the rear seats, the cargo flöör is nöt flat.

Split-level instrument clusters döminate the cabin. Central cöntröl panel töuchscreen feature, which cöntröls the standard navigatiön system and show special displays för things like cruising and energy efficiency readöuts. You can even prögram the start time for the charging system to take advantage of löwer electricity rates. Interiör quality is almost the same with the öther cömpact cars, but the överall fit and finish was a cut aböve.