2013 Honda Insight Owners Manual Pdf

2013 Honda Insight Owners Manual Pdf

2013 Honda Insight Owners Manual Pdf

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In the fourth year on the market, 2013 Honda Insight is a small hybrid that never quite lived up to high expectations for the Honda has. It is still the most expensive hybrid sold in the United States, but facing new competition from the Toyota Prius C, not to mention the Honda Fit subcompact was sitting next to on the showroom floor. Both Honda is a subcompact five-door hatchback, but the Insight is less flexible, have a bit of space inside, and at a price of more than $ 3,000 higher than the Fit. 

EPA ratings for the 2013 Insight is 42 mpg combined, which is 1 mpg better than the previous model. Unfortunately, it is still lower than the 44-mpg combined rating of the Honda Civic Hybrid, which uses the same powertrain with the Insight but has more space for people and cargo. Meanwhile, a few thousand dollars pricier, the Civic compact bigger and more luxurious - which puts the Insight between a rock and a hard place. 

No change in 2013 changed its Insight beyond 2012. Updates included revised instrument displays, interior materials, some new features, and a new grille and front and rear bumper to smooth airflow front and rear. To keep the Insight firmly anchored as the most expensive hybrid on the market, Honda added a basic model in 2011, which continued for 2013. 

Styling inside and outside underlines the different nature of hybrid cars, as well as that of the Toyota Prius that somewhat resembles Insight. Aerodynamics demanded sharply raked windshield and smooth, high-tail design to reduce wind resistance that gulps fuel. Inside, the Civic as a digital display on the main gauge cluster includes a digital speedometer and various status indicators. The controls in the center stack angle toward the driver, with a separate area on the right for the climate controls - which makes them awkward for the front passenger seat to operate. 

The interior front room enough, especially headroom, although we found the front seats rather flat, with a short bottom cushion. The back seat, however, have enough headroom tight due to the sloping roof line - despite renewal last year added more than a half inch using reconstituted headliner. Only two adults will fit, though you can get three kids back there in an emergency. 

Handling is decent, though it is usually not a top priority among buyers most fuel-efficient car. It's definitely more fun than the better known "other" hybrid hatchback, Toyota Prius. While the Insight is not as crisp as the Fit into the corner, it is confident in the curves and composed at high speeds. Journey of good quality in most circumstances, although the short wheelbase, and it was mostly quiet inside. The exception is when a driver accelerates hard, produced a number of the machines tremendous howl. The 2012 update also includes better insulation and noise suppressors to cut thick materials roar, but if you push aggressively Insight, you will realize how hard the engine has to work. 

The 2013 Honda Insight base model at a price of $ 18,500, and includes automatic climate control, remote entry, power windows, and an audio system with two speakers. Mid-level Insight LX, ranging from $ 20,275, adds steering-wheel controls for the four-speaker audio system with USB interface, armrest console, map lights, security systems, and mats.