2013 Nissan Versa Sedan Owners Manual Guide Pdf

2013 Nissan Versa Sedan Owners Manual Guide Pdf - This budget sedan has a conservative look, with some outstanding elements. Among those that did was a wqzxc wide grille and rear spoiler wonderful and help spruce up the back of the models equipped with the CVT automatic transmission. High-trim SV and SL models are distinguished by a chrome grille and chrome-accented door handles. Fifteen-inch wheels are standard on all models, with the top models wearing aluminum-alloy version of the steel is not found on lesser models.
2013 Nissan Versa Sedan Owners Manual Guide Pdf
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Nissan boasts that the Versa has the best rear legroom in its class - more of a midsize luxury sedan, actually. The trunk also has a surprising amount of room. With 14.9 cubic feet of capacity, the stomach is larger than the Versa sedan flagship Nissan Maxima. In front, front seat Versa is acceptable. Dashboard is plain and drab, even on models equipped with the 5-inch navigation screen.

On the upside, and the chunky buttons easy to reach and decipher. We prefer the look of Sandstone interior, which feels richer than charcoal option.

Nissan Versa is one of the new cars that in some basic form still has a window roll-your-own and mirror-adjust instructions. If you want power wqzxc windows, mirrors, and locks the door - or just passenger vanity mirror - you have to go to expensive SV or SL trims.

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