2011 Chrysler 200 Owners Manual Pdf

2011 Chrysler 200 Owners Manual Pdf - Powering the two hundred ar 2 engines. the bottom powerplant hasn't changed; it's still constant two.4-liter inline-4 "World Engine" creating 173 bhp. within the Sebring it felt coarse, and notably thrashy at discriminate, that was a standard prevalence attributable to the car's 4-speed automatic. within the new two hundred, the engine feels considerably refined due to a replacement 3-point mounting system that replaces the previous 2-point style. And though the 4-speed automatic remains offered on the terribly base model of the 2011 Chrysler two hundred, each alternative model warrants a 6-speed.
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For those who'd like a lot of power in their two hundred, the V-6 possibility could be a smart one, the all-new Pentastar three.6-liter unit manufacturing 283 bhp. that is enough juice to form any driver appreciate traction management, notably within the wet.

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